The First-Order Accelerator: The Simple 5 Steps to Get More Bars to Place the First Order (and Stop Sitting Hopeless in Front of People Who Don’t Wanna Buy )

Chris Maffeo
3 min readMar 18, 2024

They wanna buy brands they researched and trust, not those they’ve never heard.

In today’s issue, I’ll analyze why new drink brands struggle to get a meeting with bar owners and show you my 5-step process for making cold-calling warmer and landing more first orders.

By adopting this process, you’ll spend time better. You’ll likely increase your strike rate in the right outlets and get them to re-buy.

Unfortunately, most salespeople lack a pragmatic system. They either:

  • Only work through their network, never scaling their distribution
  • Or do cold calls and burn most of their opportunities in a city.

It’s about having people + systems.

First, building a brand takes time, so you will never get a silver bullet or a shortcut from me. It’s about creating a system that can be used long-term and be consistent.

Salespeople used to create + capture demand. Not anymore. Today, most On-trade buyers do the research themselves, know what to buy, and want to decide when it’s time to buy.



Chris Maffeo

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